Your pet is our priority!
Your pet is our priority!  

Sit 'n' Stay - here when you can't be!

"I established Sit 'n' Stay in 1998, as one of the pioneers in the concept of providing home boarding as a viable and welcome alternative to kennels and catteries here in the UK.


Through recognising how our increasingly hectic lifestyles can affect a nation of animal lovers, Sit 'n' Stay was born. Offering a comprehensive and flexible service tailored to the many and varied requirements of pet owners, the business has enjoyed a decade and a half of success. Yet, unlike so many petminding businesses that have flourished in its wake, Sit 'n' Stay remains an owner operated family business - it is not a franchise and I do not outsource dog walkers or sitters, so you can be 100% confident of a dependable, friendly and personalised first class local service.


Animals are as individual as humans, so it's not surprising that the strange sights, sounds and smells of even the best run kennels and catteries can prove stressful and upsetting to many dogs and cats. I provide boarding in a relaxed home environment for dogs, ensuring their routine is unbroken and they have round-the-clock companionship.


Cats, being creatures of habit, generally prefer their own familiar surroundings, so I also operate a home visit service where food, water and cat litter is dispensed along with generous portions of cuddles and attention.


And, for no extra charge, I'll ensure there are no outward signs that your property is unoccupied by drawing curtains, putting out the bins, and seeing there are no items of mail protruding from your letterbox.


As a result of this I have built up a loyal following of clients to whom I am really grateful. To hear what they have to say about Sit 'n' Stay click here or on Testimonials in the links panel.



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